Telemedicine HealthCare Virtual Platform

provides superior care that matters

General Health

Anytime, anywhere, our network of 3,000+ high-quality, board-certified physicians is available 24/7 to address a wide range of common conditions.


With Telemedicine, rest assured your members have access, day or night, to experienced, board-certified pediatricians who will help their children feel better.

Behavioral Health

Your members don’t need to wait weeks to talk to a therapist. Our network of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and social workers listen and are available to provide treatment and prescriptions, when appropriate.


Your members can resolve skin-related concerns quickly by connecting with a Telemedicine dermatologist and using our specialized digital dermatology tools. They’ll receive an accurate diagnosis within two business days.

Tobacco Cessation

Give members the help and support they need finally quit smoking in an easy-to-access, private and convenient way.


Our Caregiver service provides members with the help they need by extending Telemedicine to family members they caring for, even if they’re not covered by a plan sponsor

With the ONLY Extended Virtual Platform, our members will have access to:

  • Expert Second Opinions
  • Treatment Decision Support
  • Specialty Rx
  • InterConsult Critical Care
  • Onward Mental Health
  • Oncology