Improve healthcare for members & maximize ROI

Elite Medical provides comprehensive telehealth solutions you and your members can feel good about.


Provide quality care and reduce medical costs.

Telemedicine gives members more options for quality care. Members visiting an emergency department or urgent care clinic for routine medical care incur enormous expenses. Telemedicine gives you a low-cost alternative for non-emergency medical care, reducing your healthcare spend while adding convenient, 24/7 remote access.

And what about all that lost productivity? With Telemedicine, your members no longer have to miss half a day of work for an office visit. They can simply speak to a physician during their lunch break and then pick up a prescription after work.

Drive utilization and ROI.

Ensure utilization and success with this simple formula:

  • Plan Design – a $0 copay can generate an ROI of 400%
  • Internal support from executive champion
  • Electronic outreach
  • Well-timed, personalized communications that are industry-specific

1. Episode of care: Includes initial encounter and any subsequent utilization of follow up office visits, hospitalization, or ER utilization, resulting from initial encounter within a 30 day window for same and related diagnoses.