Allergy Testing

The simplest and most comprehensive allergy prevention program in North America. Designed specifically for clinicians to help fight the American Allergy and Asthma crisis.


Amniotic Fluid Injectables

A cryopreserved, injectable amniotic fluid-derived allograft that is used to protect and promote development of the injured site. These human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products (HCT/Ps) are minimally manipulated amniotic fluid products and intended for homologous use only.


Stethoscope Protection Barrier

A protection barrier for stethoscopes. They are low cost disposable covers for stethoscopes that can become a vital part of the infection control process. 

Compression Bracing

The only universal compression brace made in the United States.

Light weight

Fully breathable

Molded to fit each patient accordingly with their own body heat within minutes.




Circumcision Device

A new circumcision device; by using expert knowledge of circumcisions, engineered is the safest, simplest and most efficient circumcision device.  It keeps the circumcision process as simple as possible, without the need for any complicated designs which may lead to difficulties during the circumcision.


Telemedicine - Branded Directly for Providers & Patients

The only true complete telehealth solution on the market today. Our goal is to help you grow a profitable telehealth service line with your providers and for YOUR patients. Our proprietary cloud based platform can be branded to your healthcare organization and used for any conceivable telehealth encounter type - whether by smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet.